The Youth food Network aims to engage youth in their food systems. Read more about us here. Being a Youth Food Network Member means you are officially a part of the network. 

What do I have to do to be a Youth Food Network Member?

Fill out the form below and you're set! Your information will be kept confidential within CRFAIR. You will be invited to volunteer and participate in workshops around food, though all events are only an invitation. 

What do I get being a Youth Food Network Member?

  • Immediate invitation to all of our big events (Annual Youth Food Conference, Youth Food Network meetings). Along with a free access guarantee! 
  • Free access guarantee to other CRFAIR events and our hand picked community events through google calendar.
  • Access to connection making opportunities with like minded youth in the CRD.

Why so much free stuff?!! See our youth policies at the bottom of our About us page.

Am I eligible to be a Youth Food Network Member? 

Youth Food members are...

  • Between the ages of 14-24
  • Residing in the CRD
  • Have some interest or passion for good food and your food systems. 

Why Youth Food Network Member

By creating the network, and asking youth to sign up for member status, we can evaluate how far our efforts are reaching, and who they are reaching. We know that many youth are engaged in their food systems already! Wether you are an experienced gardener, are employed/volunteer for a food oriented Non Profit, like to cook, like to go for nature walks, or even enjoy eating (!) you would benefit from being a Youth Food Member. 


Youth Food Network Member Sign Up Form

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