Have you always wanted to start a school garden? A community dinner night? Look no further!

Our sprout fund, coordinated in collaboration with the Horner Foundation, aims to provide youth with the resources needed to brainstorm, create, and complete a project related to good food in their community!

The Sprout Fund is created by the Youth Food Network with the goal of connecting youth with food and their community through a self-directed project. It is for those between the ages of 14-24 living in the CRD. There is an application to be filled out by all potential participants. The application does include a creative submission opportunity.

There is a large window of time for you to fill out an application. Then the Youth Food Action Team will review the submissions and choose the successful applicants. Said applicants will be put in contact with the Action Team to help start their project. Throughout a period of 3-4 months, the Action Team will be working closely with the participants to complete their project. Support from the Action Team can come in many forms. At the end of the project there will be an official ceremony to celebrate a successful run of the Sprout Fund, review the completed projects, and honour the participants and all their hard work. A short documentary will be made by the Arts Team about the Sprout Fund and that will also be presented at the ceremony.

When thinking of potential project ideas, we recommend to think of what’s missing in your community. Affordability? Sustainability? Diversity? The options of what you can pursue are endless, what really matters is that you are passionate about your project and willing to put in the effort to see it to completion. Official beginning of the Sprout Fund is November and the end will be in June.