Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting

Together let’s empower and support youth to engage with their food systems and take action on food issues that are meaningful to them. The Youth Sprout Hub is all about supporting youth with funds, networking, mentorship, and workshops that will instill confidence to jump into the food action landscape of the City of Victoria.

Giving Thanks

This past weekend up in Canada, it was Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving for a few reasons: an extra day off from school, time to spend with my family, delicious food to eat, and a new season to celebrate. Though I have much to appreciate about the holiday, it is also a time to acknowledge its roots. The land I live, work, and eat on/from is the unceded territory of the Coast Salish First Nations. This is why, although it is good to honour what you are grateful for, it is also important to address the colonial history of this day and to maybe try to alter our thinking around it.

I’ve heard and seen more than a few people refer to this day as Indigenous Peoples day. Canadian Thanksgiving falls around the same time as Columbus day in the United States so it can be difficult to differentiate which day is being renamed but I think it is important for both to be recognised as a product of colonialism.

I, like many others, like to think of Thanksgiving as a harvest festival. Autumn has arrived and with the changing of seasons comes a bounty of food. I like to acknowledge what I’m grateful for while indulging in a seasonally appropriate meal and savouring the time I have with my family. Here are a few of the many things I am grateful for this year.

  • The land that I live on and the safety it provides

  • My family, my friends

  • My ability to read, write, create

  • The food I am able to eat, the food producers of Vancouver Island, the land from which the food grows

  • The Youth Food Network and the platform it provides me with, to share my love of food and community with a greater audience.

To me holidays are about food. While Thanksgiving is on the colonialist side of the spectrum it has something in common with Indigenous culture: food. This post by @wildfoodlove on Instagram I feel perfectly illustrates my thoughts on the matter.

Remember to acknowledge the land you live on, be grateful for what you have, eat good food, and spread love as much as possible.

Jake - Youth Co-coordinator for the Youth Food Network

Become a part of the Singing Bowl Granola team!


If you haven't yet tasted the wonderful singing bowl granola on many of the local shelves, you gotta'. You might see it at markets in the summer months, or in its 100% recyclable packaging all year round. Many stores and cafés are carrying it, and many people are singing to the hills about its quality and taste.

But we aren't here just to rave about this grassroots company, we're here to send along the news-- Singing Bowl Granola is expanding its team! They are looking for someone that is between the age of 18-29, returning to school, and who wants a 35 hour/week job making granola!

Below you'll find all the details on the job description, be sure to apply as soon as possible to!

Best of luck ;)


Singing Bowl Granola Kitchen Assistant

Applicant requirements:

  • 18 to 29 years of age
  • Not a full-time student, enrolled in high school or returning to school
  • Resident of BC (living in BC as a Canadian, a permanent resident or a protected person) and legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not currently receiving or eligible for Employment Insurance
  • Has not received Employment Insurance in the past 36 months or 60 months for a parental claim
  • Not a participant in another Canada Job Fund program
  • Must have Food Safe 1


Job Description:

  • You will be involved in the day-to-day running of a small commercial kitchen. Some of the tasks you will be required to do are: 
    • Production and packaging of all Singing Bowl Granola products 
    • Washing kitchen equipment 
    • Assembling orders for delivery 
    • General cleaning
  • This position is guaranteed 30 hours/week for the first twelve weeks. The schedule will be reviewed after this period.
  • Your hours will be 10:00am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, with 30 minutes unpaid break for lunch.
  • The wage for this position is $11.50/hour and you will be paid on the 15th and 30th of each month less required deductions.


About Us:

Singing Bowl Granola is about to expand and we are looking for someone to join our small team in mid-January, 2018.  We are a local granola company with a strong commitment to protecting our environment and contributing to our community.  Our work environment, a centrally located commercial kitchen, is cheerful and friendly. 

We produce 6 lines of high-end granola and 4 lines of organic instant porridge, as well as granola bars and other snacks.  Having been in business for over six years, we pride ourselves on being able to guarantee our customers consistently excellent product.  


About you:

The successful applicant will, above all, have excellent hygiene. You will have a good understanding of Food Safe rules. You will be able to follow instructions and be a fast learner.  You will have an eye for detail, being able to detect when the product is not perfect, or if the ingredients or equipment are defective.  You take pride in your work and are able to maintain a tidy workspace. You are responsible, reliable, and honest.  You are able to stick to a schedule, and you are fit and healthy. You are able to lift 50 pounds.

If you think that you are a good candidate for the position of kitchen assistant, and would like to join our team, please send your résumé to Jessica Duncan at


The Magic of 'Putting By'

The Magic of 'Putting By'

I am an absolute summer fanatic. I wait impatiently through the cold, dark, rainy winter for the summer days of swimming, hiking, finding wildflowers, and most importantly, fresh fruit. I used to live in the Okanagan, and in the summers I would spend most of my time by the lake, eating apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and pears as the summer wore on. There is such an abundance of fruit grown in this province and I just can't get enough of it.